Workshop a success

Responding to calls for a workshop outlining how to gain accreditation at Proficient, the IEU hosted a free workshop on 15 April for members.

The day was attended by a variety of teachers in systemic and independent schools, as well as casual teachers. All participants had received little or contradictory information about accreditation or didn’t have someone to talk to about their situation and how to resolve it.

Accreditation is interpreted differently by different Teacher Accreditation Authorities (TAAs), but some fundamental requirements are the same no matter where a teacher works. The IEU offers advice in line with BOSTES policies and guidelines, but can also help interpret the additional layer placed on top by employers. The Union offers assistance to members overseeing accreditation who wish to revise their current processes.

The workshop started with a brief overview of BOSTES accreditation guidelines, a session on interpreting the Standards as every day work for a teacher and a final session where teachers could work individually or in pairs on their evidence and annotations, whilst accessing an IEU accreditation officer for one-on-one feedback.

The workshops will be repeated on 29 June and 22 September at the IEU Ultimo office. Regional members can ask for the PIP: How NSW Accreditation Works to come to a town nearby. Contact Amy Cotton for more information.

Amy Cotton
Professional Officer