Cake store campaigns for fairer slice of funding

IEU Early Childhood Officer Tina Smith says the IEU is proud to be involved with the NSW ‘Bigger Slice’ early education campaign.

Tina said it was high time that the Coalition State Government got serious in providing extra funding for NSW early childhood services to ensure the ongoing viability of the sector.

“It’s timely that people start looking at what’s happening in preschools,” she said.

“At the last election, the Liberals put out their policies at the last minute, demonstrating their lack of commitment to early childhood.

“One could consider that the NSW Liberals have a similar commitment - because they spend less than any other state or territory.

“NSW deserves a larger slice of the funding cake.”

The Union believes preschools are currently being penalised for enrolling three-year-olds. Funding for three-year-olds is currently being transitioned and potentially as early as next year, centres may be forced to close due to the ramifications and complexities of the funding model.

Regional centres, which tend to be a hub of their local community are at most at risk of closure.

“What will it look like in 15 years time? Without the Government’s commitment to early childhood, the ramifications of this in the future could be diabolical. No cake store would be big enough to help save them.”

Daniel Long