SALT - compulsory on-line training

Last month IEU Reps in Lismore Catholic systemic schools alerted the Union to SALT (Self Administered Legal Training), an on-line training compliance program being implemented by the Lismore CSO.

This program provides training modules on workplace behaviour and child protection and is to be completed by all staff working in Lismore Diocesan schools. The CSO has made the training compulsory for all staff which needs to be completed annually, with the CSO monitoring and registering the completion of the required modules.

The IEU wrote to the diocesan director raising its concerns in relation to the implementation of the program rollout, which provided little information as to when, where and how the program was to be undertaken and completed.

Of primary concern was that this training was to be undertaken outside of work hours. Principals too had little or no idea when this training was to be scheduled and could offer employees little explanation.

The IEU was particularly concerned in respect to the impact on non-teaching staff. How were these employees to be paid for engaging in this on-line training program if done outside of their normal paid working hours? These employees unlike teachers are not salaried. They are entitled to be paid for work undertaken, including work undertaken to meet the regulatory requirements of the employer.

After exchange of correspondence and discussions with the Lismore CSO agreement has been reached regarding this matter. The CSO will advise all principals that this on-line compulsory training for all staff is to occur during normal school and work hours.

The IEU thanks its reps for their vigilance in raising issues of concern promptly as they arise within their respective workplaces.