Attention HSC markers

As Term 4 approaches, the HSC marking season is upon us and all teachers should be aware of what that means. The IEU represents teachers from independent schools who undertake HSC marking.

These teachers are covered, for the period of the marking, by a separate award (The Higher School Certificate Marking and Related Casual Employees Rates of Pay and Conditions Award 2014).

However, the way the HSC is marked is changing; becoming online and decentralised. Whereas previously organisers could visit the various HSC marking centres and address any issues or concerns (like the underpayment of certain markers which the IEU identified in 2015) that is now more difficult because of the increase in onscreen marking.

To ensure members get the information they need or the answers to any questions they might have, we have updated and redeveloped the HSC Markers section on the IEU website. Here you will find the award, the pay rates and the answers to common questions in a handy FAQ section. For example, you will find these questions and answers:

What happens if my briefing session or marking is on during school time?

BOSTES will pay for the cost of relief to replace teachers who are required to attend weekday briefing sessions and/or weekday marking sessions during the marking period. By approving applications for marking, principals agree that teachers are released on full salary when required.

What is a lay night?

The Supervisor of Marking (SOM) may set aside Friday evenings as a ‘lay night’ and markers are not required to attend marking. This usually only occurs when marking is meeting projected timeframes. A word of caution, having Friday night off cannot be guaranteed, so be careful if you plan to attend a function such as a Year 12 formal on that night.

What happens if I am sick?

HSC markers are employed as casuals and there is no provision in the agreement for sick leave. BOSTES may not re-engage you as a marker after taking sick leave.

For more information, or to contact the IEU about HSC marking, visit:

Keith Heggart