Your views on accreditation at higher levels

A recent IEU survey to learn more about your views on accreditation at higher levels garnered 824 respondents.

The IEU is interested in what teachers think about this topic so it can accurately reflect members’ views when negotiating with BOSTES.

The Union is keen to address problems identified by members and to advocate for BOSTES to make the process less onerous.

When asked what support structures exist in their workplace to help gain accreditation at either High Accomplished or Lead status, 57% of survey respondents said they were not aware of any support in their workplace. Most people (54%) said they were not considering applying for Higher Accreditation or Lead status. The reasons given for this included ‘too busy teaching’ (31%), ‘it seems like too much work’ (18%) and ‘it’s too expensive’ (13%).

Comments included:

“Teachers are too busy and well qualified and now they want to waste our time and make us pay for the privilege” and “there should be a smoother process that does not involve so much work,” with many others in the same vein.

The IEU will use this survey to inform its discussions with BOSTES and advocate for improvements in the process.

A particular concern is that after three years of hard work, teachers’ applications can be rejected without explanation.

The IEU would like to see more transparency and feedback, so that teachers can at least know what areas they need to improve in.

The Union would like to hear from anyone who has applied for accreditation at Highly Accomplished or Lead and been unsuccessful.

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