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Bill Slater Presents Try Time
Author: Patrick Loughin
Publisher: Random House Australia
Three copies to give away

A junior fiction series for boys about a local boys’ rugby league team who get special coaching and advice from star NRL player Billy Slater.
Josh can play footy. He’s fast and fleet footed and a blur down the sideline. But every time he steps onto the field a stampede of elephant sized butterflies invade his stomach and he fumbles the ball.
Having his footy mad grandad screaming from the sidelines doesn’t help. To top it off, he blows an easy try and loses his team the opening game of the season. Josh starts thinking about giving up football forever. That is, until NRL legend and Josh’s hero, Billy Slater, turns up at training one day. Can Billy help Josh overcome his nerves and hang onto the ball long enough to score?

Giveway 2

Jodie's Rescue
Author: Dianne Fagan
Publisher: Short Stop Press
Three copies to give away

The slap of spray on her face, the exhilaration of the boat cutting through waves, the call of the sea birds and the summer sun warming her skin.
Through all the challenges – starting a new school and making new friends, and a father who is absorbed in his work, missing her mother – Jodie finds solace in sailing. But will the ocean turn against her?
Can she save the lighthouse from development? And why are there dead penguins floating in the water? Who is the girl in the photo that she finds hidden under the stairs? And, most importantly, where is her mother?

Jodie’s voyage of discovery takes her to a place she never dreamed she’d be, but how will she convince her father that it is real?

Giveaway 3

Loves Obsession
Author: Judy Powell
Publisher: Wakefield Press
Three copies to give away

Love’s Obsession is the story of a brilliant yet flawed individual, a man with a passionate devotion to the island of Cyprus and its archaeology. Damaged by his time as a German prisoner of war and obsessed by the need to own the past, Jim Stewart was the first person to teach archaeology at an Australian university. Although archaeology was moving from the private pastime of wealthy men to a professional academic pursuit, Stewart was never able to completely make this transition.
The story is also that of his wife, Eve. Devoted to his memory and herselftrained as an archaeologist, she worked for nearly fifty years after his death - living alone in a dilapidated house in a village on the edge of the Blue Mountains – to complete her husband’s work and ensure his legacy.
Based on never before seen personal papers, Love’s Obsession is a fine addition to the story of archaeology in Australia, and a vivid portrayal of love and devotion, of obsession and determination.