Keeping up the fight is what we're about

I am sure everyone is enjoying the winter vacation after a busy semester one. I am currently enjoying the warmth of Vietnam and the beautiful town of Hoi An, having escaped the cold winters days of NSW.

I must say that many other colleagues are doing the same as I have met so many teachers and their families who are enjoying their break and glad to be away from the ever increasing day to day workload of the classroom.

I have just received news from the IEU office that last night the IEUA NSW/ACT Branch was awarded the 2018 ACTU Congress Campaign of the Year Award for its battle for fairness in Catholic schools.

What a great honour and so well deserved. A huge thank you to the officers and also to each and every member who showed determination and purpose to win this fight.

Chapter meetings, branch meetings, stop work rallies, writing emails and letters, wearing IEU t-shirts and generally showing the powers that be that we would not give up the fight for fairness for all.

This is what the IEU is all about. Chapter reps must also be recognised and thanked for their great work in keeping members informed and active during this campaign.

Now our attention must focus on our early childhood teachers who are staging their own fight for justice and wage parity. We must all get behind and support our members in this sector.

Keep up your good work as we head back for Term 3.

Chris Wilkinson