Christian schools: 0% pay offer for 2025

The IEU is in the final stages of bargaining with Christian Schools Australia (CSA) on behalf of members in 35 Christian Schools across NSW.

While the current draft agreements provide for pay increases for both teachers and support staff as well as graduated improvements to parental leave, CSA is proposing a pay freeze for teachers in 2025.

While the rate of inflation is receding, cost-of-living pressures are still taking a toll on our members, who are acutely aware that a pay freeze is in effect a cut to real wages over time.

Members are also highly aware of the impact of the former NSW government’s 12-year wages cap on teacher salaries across the board and its subsequent impact on students choosing to pursue careers other than teaching.

So members are perplexed as to how a 0% pay offer in 2025 could be on the table in the midst of a teacher shortage crisis.

Teacher offer falls behind

Teacher pay rates in these Christian schools are lagging behind those in government and Catholic systemic schools from anywhere between 10.3% (-$7980) at the starting level and 6.8% (-$7840) at the top of the scale.

The IEU is deeply concerned that when NSW government and Catholic systemic schools receive their anticipated salary increases in October 2024 and October 2025, teachers in CSA schools will fall even further behind.

When you consider that the superannuation guarantee payments are made on ordinary time earnings, the retirement savings of our members in CSA schools are also being negatively impacted. (Note: The superannuation guarantee rate is due to move from 11% to 11.5% on 1 July 2024.)

Support staff pay rises

The IEU and CSA have agreed in-principle to a proposed agreement for support staff that includes a 4% salary increase for each year of the next four years commencing from 1 February 2024. We also acknowledge the offer to improve personal leave and paid parental leave for our support staff members.

Reasonable and sustainable claim

Staff in the relevant schools will have received an IEU NewsExtra detailing the current offer and details of the negotiations. It is also available on our website (

The IEU’s claim is not excessive. It is also sustainable, as evidenced by information we have received from a handful of these schools that are already paying their teachers salaries in line with Catholic systemic schools.

IEU organisers have been visiting CSA schools and talking with members and principals about our concerns. Members in Christian schools tell us they are committed to their work and enjoy serving their communities. But this does not mean teachers in Christian schools should be paid less than those in government schools or Catholic systemic schools.

Teacher classification changes

The proposed classification restructure to match NSW government schools in July 2026 means that from then, teachers will progress faster through the scales, accessing higher salary steps in line with their counterparts in government schools. The IEU welcomes this proposal.

Yet regrettably, CSA refuses to assure us that rates will not be lower than equivalent NSW government school rates at that time.

Standing together

Collectively we must continue to promote our profession and attract worthy and committed candidates to teach in Christian schools. We call on the Christian school employers to join us in this endeavour.