Term winds to an end

Week 5 and half way through Term 3. A busy term with exams, marking, subject selections, testing, learning progressions and data walls. When will it all end?

At least there have been some great things happening. Schools throughout the Broken Bay Diocese have been collecting gold coin donations, food and toiletries during mufti days, cosy clothes days, book character days and odd sock days to assist the farmers and families in rural NSW who are going through tough times due to the horrific drought conditions. It is just amazing seeing the generosity of our students and their families. Staff in our schools need to be congratulated for encouraging and getting behind this wonderful initiative to help kids in schools who are also going through tough times due to the drought.

Women's Conference has again been a great success, well attended, inspiring speakers and with interesting workshops. A huge thank you to Pam Smith and her committee for the work and organisation to make this conference an exciting and worthwhile experience for all.

The Early Childhood Conference is being held early in September and again should appeal to all who have registered. This conference is held on a Saturday and is encouraging to see so many early childhood teachers and support staff giving up their Saturday. Thanks to Lisa James and her team for all the work that has gone into organising and planning this conference.

Congratulations to all of the new and returning Council delegates who nominated for the next two years. A huge commitment, very rewarding and a chance to keep up with the latest news and activities of the IEU.