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Jacinda Ardern, an impromptu speech to striking teachers, asking them to ‘work with’ Govt to ‘move forward’

Damien: I’m flying out on Saturday to start working in the UK, as the next (and so far biggest!) step towards a long term goal of living in the Netherlands. But if we ever come back this way, New Zealand looks so much better than Australia is likely to be any time soon (if ever). Australian politicians do a fantastic job of serving the interests of their corporate sponsors but that’s about the limits of their competence or interest, regardless of the negative consequences for the people of Australia themselves. Screw the national interest when there’s a quick buck to be made serving the 1% instead, right? New Zealand might not be perfect, but at least they seem to actually be trying to put the interests of the people first.

Megan: I’m a teacher in Australia. All I ask for is a realistic work load that allows me to have a life outside of my job. I don’t want more money.

Patricia: Australia, listen to Jacinda!

Glen: She took her cabinet team out with her. Pay attention Malcolm [ed: now Scott], this is how it should be.

Erin: Amazing woman. Gosh if we compare to our Prime Minister it saddens me.

Theresa: What a woman. She understands what teachers are pleading for in NZ.

Do you agree that teachers need more professional development when it comes to dealing with technology?

Jen: We don’t need more professional development. We need more time and less bureaucracy.

One day closer to rain public group

Cassandra: Thank you for sharing. If anyone has any contacts with students struggling due to the drought there are some beautiful dresses, all they need to do is look and choose. We are happy to assist if needed. Items are free and most donators are also prepared to pay postage.

IEU accreditation workshop at Emu Plains

Deanne: A great opportunity to learn how to maintain accreditation. Thank you so much for the informative session. Well worth attending.

Teacher Workload Survey

Stephen: Try walking out en masse. Workload is killing teaching. No wonder we are going backwards fast. Often driven by leaders who chase jobs in the system in Catholic schools. They don’t really care about teachers. Well most of them. Just ladder climbers who couldn’t get in a trench and teach if they tried!

News release: Here’s why early childhood teachers need a pay rise

Marsha: The problem with this representation is that primary teachers appear to have reached the top. They are also underpaid. Society needs to recognise the actual workload and investment of time and brainpower and pay appropriately

Helen: It is just ridiculous, all teachers work for the future of the world and are so undervalued