Double booking no deterrent to active unionists

Thirty four members representing 22 different IEU Chapters crammed into a side room for our August Sub Branch meeting. Our venue had accidently double booked and despite having 34 active unionists in attendance no one was prepared to enter a turf war with an Under 13 Illawarra Girls Dance Troupe (and their mothers).

Carolyn Collins, Amanda Henderson and Glenn Lowe represented support staff, primary teachers and secondary teachers respectively at our meeting with the Catholic Education Office (CEDoW) in June. At that meeting CEDoW confirmed that classroom visits should not be random but would be negotiated with the teacher in regard to timing, purpose and any follow up required. This and other news was reported back to Sub Branch by our delegates.

Sub Branch congratulated the election of Adam Everatt, Ann Rogers, Glenn Lowe, Michelle Masterson, Katherine D’Souza and Shirley Jancetic to Council and acknowledged Jon Pollard’s service to Council over many years.

South Coast Sub Branch Members from Christian schools, independent schools and Catholic systemic schools expressed their support for our colleagues in early childhood centres and preschools and the IEU’s Equal Remuneration Case before the Fair Work Commission as evidenced in this photograph.

Our next meeting will be at Campbelltown RSL at 5.30pm on Wednesday, 7 November 2018 to be followed by our end-of-year dinner. We will double check that our room has not been double booked.

David Towson