Drought hits NSW and ACT schools hard

The current drought in NSW and the ACT is impacting on our schools in regional areas. School staff are witnessing and living with the incredible pressure on families and its effect on the mental and physical wellbeing of students.

Many school staff are experiencing the drought directly and are supplementing the family farm’s income by also working in schools. School staff play an enormous role in supporting the students and families affected by the drought. The knock-on effect to these communities leads to job losses, which directly impacts on the future employment of our students.

The students’ awareness of the drought has been amazing. Most schools are fund raising. Our students are recognising the ongoing consequences of this drought, even when not directly impacted. Many are so touched by this, that they are coming up with novel ways to raise funds. As we know, every cent counts in this situation. If you can in any way support relief programs, please do!

We are calling on our employers to provide additional staffing and counselling service for these areas. Understandably, a huge area to cover, but I am sure they will or have come to the party. Collectively we do and can make a difference!

Carolyn Collins
Vice President Support Staff