End of year lucky dip The IEU has a number of books left over from our giveaway process. If you would like to enter a lucky dip for one of these books follow the instructions for giveaways, but put ‘lucky dip’ in the subject line.

Kensy and Max Disappearing Act

Author: Jacqueline Harvey

Published by: Random House Australia

One copy to give away

What if you knew your missing parents were alive, but you couldn’t tell anyone? How would you find them and who would you trust? Kensy and Max are now agents in training at Pharos, a covert international spy network. Christmas break sees the twins back at Alexandria for training and a celebration like no other, but where are their parents and why can’t they come home? Thankfully, a school trip to Rome provides a welcome distraction. Amid the history and culture of Italy’s capital, they discover a runaway boy and whisperings of Mafia involvement. It looks like Kensy and Max’s harmless excursion may just turn into their very first mission.

Fire Eye

Author: Peter D’Plesse

Published by: Short Stop Press

One copy to give away

Adventure turned nightmare: how did Alexander Dulaine’s search for a lost plane become a struggle between life and death? Highly intelligent, independent, strong willed, yet vulnerable, Alexander Dulaine is a woman on a mission. She engages Jed, a part time adventurer, to launch a search to find the wreckage of her grandfather Karl’s USAAF aircraft lost during World War II in Northern Australia that has a connection to the Torres Strait legend of the ruby Fire Eye. She is seeking to honour her grandfather’s memory and perhaps solve some family secrets. As Alexander and Jed journey deeper into the unforgiving Australian outback, they discover that they are not alone and it’s not just snakes that they should fear.

Benny Bungarra’s Big Bush Clean-up

Author: Sally Morgan

Illustrator: Ambelin Kwaymullina

Publisher: Magabala Books

Three copies to give away

An environmental tale for early childhood and lower primary readers that shows how animals are affected by rubbish left in their habitat by humans. Ambelin Kwaymullina’s illustrations are an explosion of colour and cleverly show the perils faced by our native animals. When the animals work as a team to come up with ways to look after the bush, they decide to ask the humans to reduce, recycle and use rubbish bins. But it is Benny Bungarra who has the bright idea of a big bush clean-up so the animals can also help look after the bush.

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