Why am I temporary?

In recent months the Union has been contacted by a number of support staff who have been classified as temporary for no good reason.

They are not replacing anyone on leave and their job is not dependent on funding for classroom support (for example special needs or large class support).

If you have some temporary hours and you do not know why, ask your principal. In negotiations in 2017 concerning the NSW and ACT Catholic Systemic Schools Enterprise Agreement, all dioceses agreed that support staff should not be employed as temporary without a good reason.

In particular, it is not obvious why staff employed in the school office or as a laboratory or library assistant would have any temporary hours, other than if replacing someone.

If your principal cannot give a satisfactory explanation for why your hours are temporary, do not hesitate to ring your Union organiser. We can then follow it up with your employer to see if the temporary hours can be converted to permanent.

Carol Matthews
Assistant Secretary