Staying connected

Term 4 has seen a range of IEU principals’ meetings, including the well attended Principals Sub Branch at the Parramatta office on 3 November.

Principal Sub Branch has welcomed the regular attendance and input of former principal member Rob Laidler who now has a liaison role with Catholic Secondary Principals Australia, with a focus on areas such as principals’ wellbeing and on school governance issues.

Appreciation is expressed to the IEU Canberra office for arranging a Canberra-Goulburn principals breakfast meeting on 25 October within the context of a CE principals meeting.

Key issues discussed at that meeting included principals’ workload and wellbeing and how the IEU can liaise with CE to ensure that current and emerging issues are best managed to protect the interests of principals and staff.

Other IEU regional principals events have included Forbes on 5 November, Campbelltown on 7 November and Bathurst on 8 November. These regional events have linked in with diocesan principals gatherings and have enabled the IEU to engage with principals collectively on these occasions.

A teleconference with some independent sector principals was held on 29 October, with key issues including data collection and management, the NSW Curriculum Review, Learning Progressions, and managing parental expectations/dealing with challenging parent behaviour.

Congratulations were expressed to Illawarra Grammar School principal Judi Nealy on her appointment as the first female principal in the almost 60 years history of TIGS.

An IEU principals breakfast will be held in Lismore on 29 November and there is also an opportunity to meet with Armidale Diocese principals, also on 29 November.

As the end of 2018 approaches, the Union acknowledges with appreciation the role of Sidonie Coffey as Principals Sub Branch President and of Kathy Neely, Des Fox and

Jude Ryan for their sub branch leadership positions. Appreciation is also expressed to Sidonie Coffey and Noeleen O’Neill for representing principals at IEU Council and for their advocacy on behalf of IEU principal members.

Pat Smith
Principals Organiser