Farewell to our visitors and intrepid travellers

Farewell to our Year 2018 visiting exchange teachers. We hope that your experience has been a rewarding one and that you take home many memories from your exchange experience so that others may benefit from your time here.

Try and become involved in your local exchange leagues. Those who attended exchange weekends, dinners and walks organised by the NSW Exchange Teachers League would realise how hard the regional reps and central committee work for the good of the exchange program.

Farewell to our outgoing Year 2019 exchange teachers. You are off to some exciting (yet cold) destinations: Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia and New Brunswick. You and your families will have a wonderful year. You will continue to receive the Union’s publications while on exchange to keep abreast with all the news!

We are now accepting applications for 2020 – for all provinces in Canada and Colorado in the USA. International schools in Europe sometimes become available (are you under 30 years of age or do you have a EU passport?).

Exchanges to the UK are on hold at present; which is a shame as that is where the Commonwealth exchange program began over 100 years ago! If you have a UK passport, an exchange is still possible and easy!

For those of you who missed out on a match for next year, you will be our priority for the next round of matching, so think seriously about reactivating your applications! Most who miss out the first time, do not miss out the second time!

So if you want to experience one or two winter festive seasons (you may also apply for a mid year exchange) download an application from the IEU website . Or call Helen Gregory on 8202 8900 or 1800 467 943 or email a brief profile to helen@ieu.asn.au.