Tips for talking to potential members

The New Year promises to bring about several challenges for the Catholic systemic system. After such a long running dispute it is important to keep in mind the achievements gained in our sector, especially in regards to the enterprise agreement.

It is essential that reps and members keep tabs on practices in their workplace to ensure that conditions are not eroded or compromised.

One of our strengths as a Union is our membership. Everyone can play a role in maintaining and strengthening Union membership.

In order for the Union to represent you, we need your most up to date details. Are you changing schools in 2016? Are you moving systems? Make sure your membership goes with you. Notify the IEU if you change employer, email, home address or mobile number, especially if you’re on payroll deductions or on maternity leave or other leave.

More than likely new staff have started at your school, whether they’re moving from another place or new to the profession, it’s worthwhile having a chat and seeing if they’re in the Union.

Don’t forget to include support staff in your discussions. And it’s good if support staff can talk to their colleagues, indoor and outdoor, about joining.

You could point out how the Union will give them a voice in the workplace. If membership fees are a barrier, explain that it’s an investment in their personal wellbeing as well as the profession.

It’s a fact that organisations that have a high percentage of workers belonging to a union enjoy better pay and conditions, so don’t be afraid to talk about it in your workplace.

Bernadette Baker
Vice President Systemic Schools