Help develop the languages framework for NSW

IEU members are invited to nominate a representative for the Board Curriculum Committee to be established by BOSTES for the development of the NSW Languages K–10 Framework and related K–10 syllabuses, with consideration of Australian curriculum, and new Languages Prescriptions 2019–2023.

The representative should be in a position to provide advice to BOSTES about the monitoring of consultation processes and feedback, and the quality and suitability of curriculum materials for implementation in NSW schools.

It is anticipated that the K–10 Languages Board Curriculum Committee will convene in March. It is intended that the Board Curriculum Committee will be required to meet approximately six times, or more frequently as required, during 2016 – 2018.

To express interest in representing IEU, contact Tania 8202 8900 or email

A nomination form for the K–10 Languages Board Curriculum Committee is available at, however this form must be returned to for consideration and endorsement.