Standards pay in diocesan schools

From the beginning of 2016 the enterprise agreement applying to teachers in NSW and ACT Catholic diocesan schools will be based on a standards classification structure tied to the level of the teacher’s accreditation with BOSTES or registration with the ACT Teacher Quality Institute.

Under the standards classification structure teachers will move up the pay scale based on both teaching service and whether or not they have achieved Proficient teacher status, rather than just based on teaching service.

The new structure reflects the structure that will also apply in NSW government schools from 2016. Teachers employed after 1 January 2014 will move directly to the new pay structure and will progress to the top of the scale more quickly than they would have done under the incremental scale. Other teachers will remain on the incremental structure for one or more years but will then transition to a step on the new scale. The enterprise agreement defines who is an employee who commenced after 1 January 2014 for the purpose of this transition.

Any teacher who attains Highly Accomplished status will be paid at a new higher rate.

Teachers who are reclassified onto a new step should check their classification carefully. All casual teachers will be reclassified on the standards structure so they should take particular care to check their classification. The new personal/carer’s leave provisions will also commence for all teachers and support staff in diocesan schools (except in the Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes) from the start of 2016. Union organisers will be visiting schools in Term 1 to ensure all members are familiar with the new arrangements.

Call the Union immediately if you have any concerns or queries about these provisions in the new enterprise agreement.

Carol Matthews
Assistant Secretary