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The things that matter most

Author: Gabbie Stroud

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

The staff of St Margaret’s Primary School are hanging by a thread. There’s serious litigation pending, the school is due for registration, and a powerful parent named Janet Bellevue has a lot to say about everything. As teachers, they’re trying to remain professional; as people, they’re unravelling fast.

A moving and compelling novel about teachers and their students by the acclaimed author of the bestselling books Teacher and Dear Parents.

Hamlet is Not OK

Author R A Spratt

Publisher: Penguin

Funny, shocking and brilliant – from bestselling author R A Spratt, a whip-smart take on Shakespearean moral dilemmas.

Selby hates homework. She would rather watch daytime television – anything to escape the tedium of school, her parents’ bookshop and small-town busybodies.

So Selby didn’t plan to read Hamlet. And she certainly never planned to meet him.


Author: Tim Harris

Illustrations Shiloh Gordon

Publisher: Penguin

Humans have had enough of rats and their ratbag ways. Even Mr Pecky has stopped giving them pizza. But things get taken to a whole new level when robot minks with laser eyes roam the streets, ready to destroy all ratbags, stray cats and jazz musicians! How are the ratbags to survive the humans’ latest pest control? By joining forces with their enemy, naturally! With Cracker and the ratbags on the same team, things are about to get really hairy.