Help cricket transform young people’s lives

Grassroots Cricket is a not-for-profit organisation harnessing the power of cricket to help transform young lives in Zimbabwe by providing life coaches, life skills and essential support. With your support, grassroots cricket will grow into a force of meaningful change in Zimbabwe and beyond.

The aim is to raise money to:

  • provide education to young girls in Zimbabwe
  • transport cricket equipment to Zimbabwe, and
  • train community life cricket coaches.

The cricket program will have three stumps to guard.

Off stump: Development of community coaches with both an understanding of the game of cricket but also awareness to ensure that the game produces appropriate social benefits as well as cricket skills.

Middle stump: Introduction of life skills training to complement the development of sporting skills. This training should include issues such as social values, respect for human dignity, gender equality, dangers of substance abuse and sexual reproductive health for adolescents. This focus allows for the development of leadership skills in the targeted communities.

Leg stump: Development of out-of-school teenage mothers’ sport and education program.

The aim is to assist young teenage mothers who would otherwise have dropped out of school due to pregnancy.

Details: Tawanda Karasa, 0459544470,