Term 1 done! ​Wow a crazy one right?

I watched our kindy aides be stretched further than they knew they ever could, and our office staff, I have no idea how they ever get anything done with the craziness of some days. Never sure if they are nurses, accountants, counsellors just to name a few roles and that’s all before they can start their required actual work. Hats off to them. Let’s get that classifications and pay right for these special, amazing people.

At my primary school we are just under the ‘400 students’ level and we sadly lost one of our office staff this term to another school. She has been a strong IEU member and has been fighting for administration staff for many years. She has left to go to a ‘over 400 students’ school and finally be classified correctly and be paid what she is worth. Ten-plus years she has been with us and is the heart of our school, but she is exhausted. She has asked and asked to be seen for what she is worth and was denied by our diocese. I know this hopefully looks like it will change with the IEU’s great fight but with CER dragging it out this means we have lost support staff.

Let’s keep the good fight going for our support staff. Some good things are coming but some still needs to be done. Please encourage support staff in your schools to join the IEU. Help them have a voice. We are stronger together. Bring on Term 2!

Term 1 done!