NSW Christian schools general staff multi-enterprise agreement

After 18 months of negotiations, IEU has finally reached agreement with Christian Schools Australian and Christian Education Network on a new enterprise agreement to apply to general staff in Christian schools.

A summary and correspondence from the Secretary John Quessy to members is below. The Union has recommended a 'yes' vote.

Pay increases

This agreement will be in place until the end of 2019 and includes a pay increase of at least 2% since February, an additional 1% pay rise for preschool/childcare services stream employees from July and increase to some allowances. From February 2018 an increase of 2.3% for most employees, 3.5% increase for preschool and child care employees and between 2.5% and 3.3% for nurses. These increases exceed inflation and private sector wage increases and are only slightly below increases achieved in other education sectors.


New classifications have been introduced for graduates and nurses will be covered for the first time. The graduate classifications for positions for which a degree is required should make it easier for employees to achieve regular pay rises with increasing professional experience. A savings clause means that no one’s classifications can be reduced.

Hours of work

The span of hours for some employees has been reduced to ensure the enterprise agreement complies with the legal requirement for approval by the Fair Work Commission.

Time in lieu and overtime

If an employee works additional hours, the employee may agree in writing to take time in lieu rather than be paid overtime; but if the time has not been taken within six months, the overtime must be paid. NB that an employee cannot be forced to take time in lieu instead of overtime where the agreement gives an entitlement to payment.

Parental leave

These provisions have been reworded but the entitlement of employees has not been reduced.