NGS Super promotes professional development with Scholarship Awards

NGS Super Scholarship Awards, nurturing the professional development of those in the independent education sector, are soon to be awarded.

The awards, formerly known as the Dedicated to the Dedicated Awards, are part of NGS Super’s commitment to supporting teaching, support staff and management staff of non government schools in their careers while further enhancing the education sector.

Six scholarships valued at $5000 each will be awarded to NGS Fund members to help them undertake a professional development course, project, or study tour of their choice.

Anthony Rodwell-Ball, CEO of NGS Super, said the scholarships are designed to help enhance our members’ careers and ultimately make a tangible contribution to the education sector.

“We are proud to support our communities and those who commit so passionately to their vocation in helping others to learn and grow. We’d like to return the favour and facilitate in their own development and benefit their industry as a whole,” ” Mr Rodwell-Ball said.

“Our previous years’ winners have gone on to do some really life-changing things and I look forward to this year’s winners realising their potential and seeing their vision come to fruition.”

One of our 2016 winners, Dale Kelly from St Stephen’s School in Western Australia, used his scholarship to take 17 Year 10 students on a trip to revamp an orphanage in South Africa.

“We wanted to launch an international service program that built on the school’s motto – ‘Serve God, serve one another’ – and we’ve now taken three school trips over to the orphanage where we’ve retiled two dilapidated bathrooms, paved an entire sports court, built and painted an adventure playground, and created a laundry out of a shipping container,” Mr Kelly said.

“With more than 100 children there, washing all the clothes by hand was a drain on human resources. The people helping were spending all their time doing laundry, so now they are free to give more attention to the kids.”

Due to the tour’s success, 26 children have applied for 18 places next year in Dale’s school program. The group plans to build a new dining room and kitchen and add lights to the sports court.

Applications were open to NGS Super members and all winners to be announced on World Teachers’ Day – Thursday, 5 October.

NGS is a supportive partner of IEU conferences and education programs.