KU Annual Conference 2017

Relationships, Resilience and Risk

When:Saturday 21 October 2017

Where:International Convention CentreDarling Harbour, Sydney

KU Children’s Service’s Annual Conference has been running for over three decades and attracts renowned speakers in early childhood, including thought leaders, policy makers and academic researchers. The conference is designed to bring together early childhood professionals to share in professional learning and networking opportunities.

The 2017 Annual Conference will feature international keynote speakers, Dr Stuart Shanker (Canada) and Professor Gunilla Dahlberg (Sweden), alongside a program of highly regarded speakers.

Q&A with Dr Stuart Shanker

Your book ‘How to Help Your Child (And You) Break the Stress Cycle and Successfully Engage with Life’ has received glowing reviews around the world. What are some of the key messages you share in your book?

“There is no such thing as a bad, lazy, or stupid child. All too often, we have misunderstood the impact of excessive stress on behaviour, motivation, or intelligence. See a child differently and you quite literally see a different child.”

What are the main aspects of your keynote presentation? How do you feel this will help/inspire the audience?

“There have been extraordinary advances in neuroscience and psychophysiology in recent years, which are not only transforming our understanding of why we see problematic behaviours in children, but more important, what to do about it. Self-Reg conveys a message of hope for every parent and educator, and for that matter, every child and teen.”

KU Children’s Services would like to thank Educational Experience, Platinum Sponsor of the KU Annual Conference 2017 - Relationships, Resilience and Risk.

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