Careers advisers call for certainty

A full time careers adviser has been a fixture in other sectors for more than a generation but across Catholic systemic schools the situation varies considerably.

Some schools have no careers adviser at all, sometimes it’s a part time person, sometimes full time. In its forthcoming enterprise agreement negotiations, the IEU will call for more certainty for careers advisers.

The Catholic Diocese of Wagga Wagga has just started a Transition and Pathways Specialist program, which supplies investment for a full time trained teacher to be a careers specialist in every secondary school in the diocese.

Mater Dei Catholic College Wagga Wagga Careers Adviser Richard O’Connell said this was a positive model that ought to be emulated statewide.

“The time is right for a push to get certainty for careers advisers and schools and the students they serve,” O’Connell said.

“Rather than having the employment of careers advisers almost based on the discretion of principals, a policy should be in place that provides for full time funding across all secondary schools in the Catholic system, across the state.

This is the last frontier of pastoral care in Catholic schools.

IEU is supportive of greater certainty for careers advisers and will raise the matter in the upcoming negotiations.

IEU supports the Careers Advisers Association of NSW & ACT Inc document The Role of Careers Advisers in High Schools which recommends “career education, ideally, should be delivered in schools to include a classroom-based curriculum option as well as a cross-curriculum approach to provide best results for students and ensure a best practice delivery of career development service”.

IEU supports the Association’s position that schools must include career development as one of their core functions.

Careers advisers are welcome to have a say via