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Our Members Be Unlimited

Author: Sam Wallman

Publisher: Scribe Publications

An original and visually powerful exploration of unionism.

In our current political climate, people are looking for answers — and alternatives. The promise of unions is that their ‘members be unlimited’: that they don’t belong to the rich, the powerful, or special interests, but to all workers.

With a dynamic and distinctive art style, and writing that’s both thoughtful and down to earth, Our Members Be Unlimited serves as an entry point for young people or those new to these notions of collective action, but also as an invigorating read to those already engaged in the struggle for better working conditions — and a better world.

Finding Our Heart

Author Thomas Mayor

Illustrator: Blak Douglas

Publisher: Hardie Grant Books

“When we all came together at Uluru, we invited all Australian people to accept our voice and culture as a gift.”Can you help us find the heart of the nation?

A book for young people about understanding Australia’s past, so we can have a shared future.

Finding the Heart of the nation

Author Thomas Mayor

Publisher: Hardie Grant Books

This is a book for all Australians.

Since the Uluru Statement from the Heart was formed in 2017, Thomas Mayor has travelled around the country to promote its vision of a better future for Indigenous Australians. He’s visited communities big and small, often with the Uluru Statement canvas rolled up in a tube under his arm.

Thomas believes that we will only find the heart of our nation when the First peoples – the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders – are recognised with a representative Voice enshrined in the Australian Constitution.

“Thomas’s compelling work is full of Australian Indigenous voices that should be heard. Read this book, listen to them, and take action.”– Danny Glover, actor and humanitarian.