Are you the subject of a child protection investigation/ disciplinary proceeding?

Don’t delay in contacting the IEU

The IEU represents the industrial and professional interests of its financial members working in non-government schools, colleges and early childhood centres in NSW and the ACT.

This also applies when a member is notified by their employer that they are the subject of a child protection investigation or a disciplinary proceeding.

Additionally, the IEU offers support (subject to conditions) to financial members who seek advice and representation in relation to work-related criminal charges, through referral to the IEUA’s solicitor or another qualified solicitor that offer legal services appropriate for your needs.

While confidentiality must be always maintained, members are not prevented from contacting their IEU organiser to seek advice, support and representation during all stages of the investigation process that relates to the matter.

We urge members to ‘not delay’ in contacting your IEUA organiser on (02) 8202 8900 or the toll-free number 1800 467 943 (for country members).

Members are reminded that any information disclosed to the IEU that relates to their matter, is treated as strictly confidential. Further, the IEUA does not take any action relating to a member matter, without prior consultation and approval from the member.

Russell Schokman
Policy Advisor