Experienced Teacher ISTAA Accreditation

Experienced Teacher Accreditation allows eligible teachers to be accredited by ISTAA at the level of Experienced Teacher. This applies to AIS Standards Based or Hybrid model schools as well as Catholic independent Model A schools.

The IEU has worked with over one thousand members and all have been successful in achieving their accreditation and a higher salary scale.

While the process is time consuming and demanding, it delivers significant salary benefits. Teachers who are eligible to undertake the process but fail to apply remain on a lower salary scale. This greatly impacts their income over time.

The IEU can assist members understand the process and help them with the preparation of evidence and documentation. Members can attend meetings and have access to ongoing phone and online assistance. Members can submit evidence and receive detailed feedback.

The AIS have made some changes to the Experienced Teacher process. The dates for submission are from March 2023 to 28 June 2023 instead of submissions being due in September.

Applicants may submit any time between March and June and should receive a result within 12 weeks of submission.

Changes for 2023/2024

Testimonials and Head of School Report have been replaced by the Principal Attestation to cover 14 descriptors. This requires less paperwork for supervisors. In addition, five descriptors can be met by a classroom observation and a report written by the supervisor.

Nineteen descriptors can be satisfied by the Principal Attestation and the classroom observation with teachers to provide evidence for 18 descriptors.

Previously, a reference was able to satisfy four descriptors but this option is no longer available.

In 2022, Testimonials and the Head of School report met 14 descriptors plus the four from references giving a total of 17. Teachers had to provide evidence for 19 descriptors. The testimonials usually involved two classroom observations and a detailed report.

The level of support across schools remains inconsistent. Some schools have a well organised process and assist teachers with their accreditation. However, there are still schools that offer very limited support making it difficult for teachers trying to complete the process.

There are ongoing meetings between the AIS and the IEU with a view to securing improvements in the process. There is agreement in principle around the need to avoid duplication, allow for alternative types of verification and reduce the need for teachers to expand on self-explanatory content.

To achieve Experienced Teacher accreditation, you need to apply to your school and the Independent Schools Teacher Accreditation Authority (ISTAA). Applications close Thursday 6 April 2023.

Experienced Teacher salary

The IEU is committed to assisting every eligible member to achieve Experienced Teacher accreditation. During the last 15 years the union has been highly successful in assisting thousands of members to achieve Experienced Teacher accreditation and receive a Band 3 salary. Depending on the enterprise agreement that applies to teachers at your school, the pay rise if you are successful will be either $4500 or $15,000 per annum (the latter is in the case of Standards Model enterprise agreements).

Changes to Experienced Teacher accreditation

The union has long pressed for improvements to the ISTAA process to make it more accessible for teachers. ISTAA has introduced some changes that will make the process slightly more flexible for teachers and supervisors. For example, from 2023 Testimonials and the Head of School Report have been replaced by the Principal Attestation. This covers 14 of the 37 descriptors and requires less paperwork.

Evidence collection period:
Monday 24 April 2023 to Wednesday 28 June 2024

We are here to assist you to understand the process and prepare evidence and documentation. Group and individual workshops are available. Many teachers request significant support during the evidence collection period. It is important to start this process as early as possible after 24 April 2023.

IEU only assists members

The IEU assists members with their applications on the understanding that they are continuing members or recently employed at an independent school. The union will not assist those who join specifically to access this service and who have been employed at the school for a considerable time without acquiring union membership. Membership should be current from at least 1 April 2023 to be eligible for the 2024 intake.

For IEU assistance with Experienced Teacher accreditation, please contact Elizabeth Finlay at the IEU: elizabeth@ieu.asn.au

Elizabeth Finlay
Professional Officer