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Billie and the Blue Bike

Author and Illustrator: Ambelin Kwaymullina

Publisher: Magabala Books

Billie wants the blue bike and she asks her Mum to buy it for her – but her Mum has no money to spend on a bike. She asks Uncle Jack and he won’t give her the money either, but he will help her save up to buy the bike herself. She can work for him for $10 per week for 10 weeks to save the $100 for the bike. But Billie is impatient, and she tries washing cars and even enters her dog Spike in a dog contest – neither of which works out. She eventually she goes back to Uncle Jack and saves the money in 10 weeks – and she is able to purchase the bike!

Billie and the Blue Bike is a fun and engaging way to introduce young children to financial literacy knowledge, and is written for Indigenous children in particular.

Billie and the Blue Bike references the National Consumer Financial Literacy Framework, which sets out three dimensions of learning that underpin consumer and financial education: knowledge and understanding; competence; and responsibility and enterprise.

Sticker World: Farm

Illustrator: Aviel Basil

Author: Kait Eaton

Publisher: Lonely Planet Kids

Get ready to create the best farm ever!

From growing crops and building barns to rounding up herds of sheep and milking cows, this is your chance to create the ultimate farm. Keep bees and make delicious honey, fill your shop with tasty food and drink, and drive a tractor everywhere!

  • Just add stickers, doodles, and lots of colour to bring it all to life.
  • As the farmer, you’ll have loads of fun activities to do, including:
  • Creating a map so visitors can find their way around
  • Planting and tending to crops in your fields
  • Looking after ducks, geese and chickens
  • Milking cows and making delicious ice cream
  • Building a climbing frame for goats to play on
  • Keeping bird away with a watchful scarecrow
  • Raising lambs, piglets and calves.
  • Tales from the Bush Mob Willy-Willy Wagtail

    Author and Illustrator: Helen Milroy

    Publisher: Magabala Books

    Tales from the Bush Mob is a series of books about the Bush Mob, a group of animals that works together to solve problems. A rich landscape of characters and places populate this series and include Platypus, Koala, Emu, Wombat, Kookaburra, Echidna, Kangaroo and Gusto, the wind. Places include Willy Wagtail’s Tree, Dingo’s Den, Old Billabong, Bird Meeting Place, Cockatoo’s Nesting Trees, Top Camp and Emu Race Track.

    Willy-willy Wagtail is the first book in the series and goes back to before Bush Mob get together and nobody understands each other and there are lots of fights. One day there is a terrible bush fire and Willy Wagtail, Gusto (the wind) and Crow get all the Bush Mob to work together to save the community. For the first time, everyone understands each other and Dingo takes charge and leads all the animals to safety. Dingo is now Boss Dog and is head of the Bush Council, with Willy Wagtail and Crow the Bush Mob is formed. The next two titles are The Emu Who Ran through the Sky and The Sweetest Egg of All.