The hard work begins

In the previous issue of Bedrock, we noted that the election of a new federal government brought hope to our sector.

However, this change won’t happen overnight, and it won’t happen without high levels of input from those who care the most about early childhood education and care (ECEC), you and your union.

On this page we outline some of the complications around achieving improved pay and conditions in our sector.

It’s never been more crucial to be a member of the IEU. To negotiate the complicated world of industrial legislation, you need an expert on your side, and that’s the IEU.

Find out how your union has been advocating on your behalf, sending a list of actions to Federal Early Childhood Education Minister Dr Anne Aly. These actions have been assembled by union organisers in direct consultation with members .

Elsewhere we detail a free program to help teachers navigate the difficult world of esafety with young children.

Meet the individual winner of this year’s HESTA awards. She has developed an award-winning outdoor play space for her children.

Algorithmic design, it sounds like something strictly for the mathematicians, but actually it’s quite easy to incorporate in everyday play. Find out more .

We also explore how to preserve heritage languages in early childhood and pay tribute to our retiring NSW/ACT Branch Vice President and welcome in the new one.

We hope you enjoy this first edition of Bedrock for 2023. Let us know what you think via