Port Macquarie

More than 150 members in yellow t-shirts, some with glamorous-themed accessories, filled the Westport Club auditorium in Port Macquarie for the Hear Our Voice rally.

Members from all schools in the lower mid North Coast Sub Branch attended, with schools from Taree (Maitland/Newcastle Sub Branch) also represented.

Most telling were the stories of the teachers and support staff as they spoke of their reasons for acting.

Support staff spoke passionately about their desire for parity both in pay and long service leave entitlements. Many teachers talked about excessive workloads, while others spoke of their love for teaching and their fears for the profession's future.

Retired members came in support of their colleagues and spoke from experience of the work intensification they have seen. They called on employers to get rid of duplication and unnecessary ‘administrivia’.

The meeting passed the rally resolution and cheered a call for continued action until our claim is met.

Steve Bergan, Sandra White