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The Adult ADHD Tool Kit:
Using CBT to Facilitate Coping Inside and Out

Authors: J Russell Ramsay and Anthony L Rostain

Publisher: Routledge

A central source of frustration for most adults with ADHD is that they know what they need to do but they have difficulties turning their intentions into actions.

These difficulties also interfere with their ability to use self-help books and to get the most out of psychosocial treatments that provide coping strategies that promise to improve their functioning.

The authors discuss many different settings in which ADHD may cause difficulties, including work, school, matters of physical health and wellbeing, and the issue of excessive use of technology.

Saffron and Silk:
An Australian in India

Author: Anne Benjamin

Publisher: David Lovell Publishing

Saffron and Silk opens with a wedding between two unlikely lovers: a handsome 30-something Indian-born development worker and a 30-something Catholic academic from Sydney.

The bride has left the predictability of her life in Australia to marry and live in the South Indian city of Chennai. Throughout Saffron and Silk, readers enter into the bride’s new family and their Kerala origins and into some of the rich culture of Tamil legends and history. She shares her struggles and frustrations as a ‘foreign wife’ and her insights into both the domestic minutiae of everyday life and the macro challenges of poverty.

The author concludes the book with stories of more domestic matters – motherhood, women and travel. The author has a direct connection with every story in this book and she uses her personal experience to explore larger issues of India’s culture and history, making Saffron and Silk a personal insider story of some of the treasures and dilemmas of a country that is increasingly significant to other countries.

Raising Girls Who Like Themselves In a World that Tells them they’re Flawed

Authors: Kasey Edwards and Dr Christopher Scanlon

Publisher: Penguin Life

When you raise a girl who likes herself, everything else follows.

She will strive for excellence because she has faith in her ability to achieve it and the confidence to pick herself up.

She will nurture her physical and mental health because it’s natural to care for that which you love.

She will insist on healthy relationships because she believes she deserves nothing less.

She will be joyful and secure, knowing that her greatest friend and most capable ally is herself.

Raising Girls Who Like Themselves details the seven qualities that enable girls to thrive and arm themselves against a world that tells them they are flawed. Packed with practical, evidence-based advice, it is the indispensable guide to raising a girl who is happy and confident in herself.

Free of parental guilt and grounded in research, Raising Girls Who Like Themselves is imbued with the warmth and wit of a mum and dad who are in the same parenting trenches as you, fighting for their daughters' futures.