What a week!

Congratulations to members in Catholic systemic schools who joined in our stop-work action on Friday 27 May and attended one of the 10 rallies and marches throughout NSW and the ACT.

A huge thank you to all who dressed up in yellow, made some amazing posters and signs, joined in the chants and singing, then marched to Catholic Education Offices so the employers could Hear Our Voice!

Thank you to all of you who spoke about your working conditions, staff shortages, lack of planning time and of course pushing to be paid a wage we all deserve.

It was wonderful to see so many support staff among the rallies, as well as those who spoke about their conditions and the urgency for pay parity with their counterparts in government schools.

After so much rain, we were blessed with sunny conditions which saw thousands chanting and singing loudly.

Thanks must also go to IEU Organisers who organised rallies, encouraged members to attend and speak, distributed t-shirts, paddles, flags and posters and led the chanting. Thanks to the marshalls who made sure everyone was safe throughout the event. We will continue to push for our voices to be heard and our claims met.

I am sure you will all agree that the teacher shortage must be addressed to allow teachers to do what they love doing – teaching not babysitting. The students deserve better and should be treated much better. They attend school to be taught, to learn and be challenged, not to merely sit in a classroom or library and be told to read a book or complete a worksheet.

Term 2 is well under way and the colder weather is upon us. Stay safe and well and continue doing what you love doing – teaching. Best wishes for the remainder of the term so you can enjoy the well-deserved holiday in July.

I look forward to continuing to support you and working with you.