Messages of support

The IEU was inundated with messages of solidarity for its rally and stop-work action on 27 May

Angelo Gavrielatos, President, Teachers Federation

The NSW Teachers Federation stands in solidarity with all members of the IEUA NSW/ACT on strike today. We are well past words. We have a profession in crisis. In solidarity.

IEU VicTas Branch General Secretary Deb James

“Your IEU colleagues in Victoria and Tasmania congratulate you on the stand you're taking today. It takes courage and determination, but your employers have left you with little choice.

“You deserve a fair pay outcome. You need the time to do your job effectively. It’s time to cut out the paperwork and unnecessary administration that clogs up your day and eats into planning time.

“Teachers are turning away from the profession in droves and it’s no wonder. Staff feel undervalued, workloads are punishing, and yet you are constantly called on to do even more. It’s got to stop.

“Your employers need to hear your voice and be prepared to show you they are listening and taking your issues seriously. They need to come to the bargaining table with a decent offer to addressyour issues. You are fighting for the future of the profession and high quality school education

It’s time to raise your voices loud so the employers’ ears are ringing with the message you are sending.”

Terry Burke, IEU QNT Branch Secretary

“The QNT Branch congratulates NSW/ACT members for taking decisive action in your campaigns for wage increases that show respect for the work we do and for meaningful intervention on the horror of workload and work intensification.

“In striking you are striking back on the false assurances of Catholic employers on these fundamental issues. Real action is needed and you demonstrating that you are a union of strength and action!”

Michele O’Neil, President, ACTU

“Solidarity to all the IEU teachers and support staff on strike today in NSW and the ACT fighting for fair pay and to end staff shortages.”

Labor Senator Tony Sheldon

Solidarity with @IEUNSWACT teachers and support staff on strike today for well-deserved better pay and conditions. Joining your union and taking collective action is the best way to make your workplace fairer and safer.

Catholic independent schools

“This chapter expresses our support for the IEU campaign in Catholic systemic schools and our solidarity for our colleagues who stopped work on Friday 27 May.”

Sonia Hornery, NSW MP for Wallsend

For the first time in 18 years, teachers and support staff in Catholic schools will take industrial action. Schools have been running on goodwill, but it’s rapidly evaporating. Teachers are totally exhausted; they can give no more. It is time for employers to listen to teachers and support staff, hear their voices and pay them what they deserve.

IEU SA Branch Secretary Glen Seidel

“The time has come to not be taken for granted! The SA Branch applauds your stand to control increasing work demands and to demand meaningful wage increases.

“It is time to make some noise and let the community and the employers know your grievances and your determination to have them resolved. Solidarity from SA.”

Brett Holmes, General Secretary, NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association

“I send solidarity to all members of the IEU as you again face a battle around improvements and conditions. We’ve seen nurses stand up and fight back. It’s critically important that all unions work together to support each other and make sure that we get better outcomes and fair and just wages and conditions.”

Arthur Rorris, Secretary, South Coast Labor Council

“I’m so looking forward to seeing all you Catholic teachers out on the streets. It’s so important. We need to keep up with the cost of living and we need a better deal for our teachers.”

Lauren Lye, Secretary, NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association Dubbo Base Hospital Branch

“On behalf of the Dubbo Base Hospital Branch of the NSWNMA, we commend you for your courageous action today, standing together to fight for what is right.

“Nurses and midwives share many of the frustrations teachers face. Excessive workloads becoming the norm, workplaces only maintained thanks to the goodwill of staff – and we know what it’s like to be pushed to breaking point.

“The pressure you also face constantly being expected to do more with less and forever battling to give the students in your classrooms and on the sporting fields the genuine education and guidance they deserve as our leaders of tomorrow.

“We understand firsthand the frustration and fatigue you feel working short-staffed and being denied the support and time you need to do your job well. Teachers here in Dubbo and across the state are severely undervalued, and you deserve a fair wage increase for the amazing work you do.

“Like nurses and midwives, we know teachers don’t take industrial action lightly. But to win change, you have to speak out, stand up and fight. You have our support and we are with you in solidarity every step of the way.”

Stewart Little, General Secretary, NSW Public Service Association

“A big shout out to all the teachers, and support staff in the Independent Education Union. The PSA stands with you shoulder to shoulder, in getting fairness to you and all of your members.”

Australian Education Union Tasmania

“Solidarity to IEU members taking a stand for the profession where all professions begin.”

Australian Catholics for Equality

“A huge thank you to all IEU members from Catholic systemic schools in NSW and the ACT who turned out to rallies and marches in the thousands today.”

Thirza White, General Secretary, Community and Public Sector Union Tasmania

“Solidarity to support staff and teachers striking, it’s often the only way to get your voice heard and to secure action.”

Michael Kaine, TWU

Solidarity with all IEU members – great action to make the lives of educators and therefore students better across the country.

Union Aid Abroad APHEDA

It was wonderful to see Sydney Town Hall brimming with gutsy Catholic teachers who are taking strike action today. Solidarity to all the teachers who are seeking fair wages and conditions.

Unions ACT

What a turnout! Congratulations and good luck to all the Catholic school teachers and support staff striking today!

NTEU ACT Division

The NTEU ACT stands in solidarity with IEU members who are on strike today across NSW and the ACT. Proud to be at the IEU rally in Canberra this morning. Time for a fair deal for teachers and support staff.

We don’t have space to fit all the messages of support. Others came from: Federal MP for Whitlam Stephen Jones, who attended our Wollongong rally (see p8), the ETU, FSU, Hunter Workers, IEU WA, Unions ACT, the RTBU, and the TWU. We thank them all.

Compiled by Sue Osborne and Katie Camarena

Kogarah High School Principal and member of the NSW Teachers Federation Julie Ross (right) spoke to the IEU’s Monica Crouch. Does this sound familiar?

“We’ve got a 2.04% offer on the table, but that doesn’t meet inflation. We’re going backwards in terms of real wages and we just can’t do it anymore. We have crippling staffing shortages in our school. It breaks my heart when kids are coming to school, and I know that for their six periods, they’re going to be supervised but not learning. It’s outrageous – and this government has known about it for an extended period.

“There are three key issues that we want addressed: stagnating wages; intensification of workload that sees us spend so much of our time on data collection and data analysis that doesn’t lead to better teaching and learning in a classroom; and we need the teacher shortage addressed.

“We’re not going to address it without first increasing wages. We need to give teachers time for planning, give teachers time for reporting. Don’t ask them to do it on top of their normal working hours.

“If we increase wages and address workloads, we’ll see an increase in young people coming into the teaching profession.”

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