Urging all to engage with the Catholic campaign

Every new year presents us with opportunities and challenges, and 2022 is looking no different.

As we are expected to negotiate our way around new and ever-changing guidelines for returning to work and managing our students, it brings into focus enterprise and workplace agreements.

Significant work has already been done to prepare for new agreements.

Diocesan Directors have now issued a Notice of Employee Representational Rights (NERR). Bargaining is officially under way.

Schools, chapters, and members need to engage with this campaign. We need to support each other and push for improvements in salaries and working conditions. We can’t use COVID as an excuse not to engage.

There is potential for substantial improvements in your pay and conditions. Our claim is based on the information and experiences of teachers and support staff in schools and success will depend on you, the members, supporting and encouraging all teachers and support staff to become part of our collective. Together we are stronger and can achieve more.

Intense and demanding working conditions for teachers and support staff are the modern reality. But we can do better. The demands of our claim reflect just how much teaching has changed in the past decade.

Remember that without your union there would be no sick leave, no parental leave, no carer's leave, no long-service leave, no release from face-to-face teaching or preparation time, no maternity leave, no support and protections around child protection allegations, no improvements in super, no job security, no accreditation support, and certainly lesser salaries.

Remember to encourage new staff to join the union, change your details if you have moved and attend a chapter meeting.

We are always stronger together.