Support during changing times

We hope 2022 will give us more opportunities to engage with school support staff.

Our 2021 Biennial Support Staff Conference was rescheduled for 13 May 2022. We've lined up speakers and a venue but, given COVID uncertainties, we're considering moving online. We'll update you next issue as we settle on details.

It is fantastic that we have had seven conferences so far. Our first conference was in 2005. Previous support staff conferences have presented us with great opportunities to engage in learning, and to catch up with current and former colleagues and network with our counterparts in other schools in NSW and the ACT.

Our 2022 conference may not be in person, but we will ensure it is just as valuable. It is still tax deductible.

After all the changes and upheavals in our lives over the past two years, we can only hope for a more stable 2022. Wishing you safety in your homes and workplaces and a fulfilling year.

Check out the union’s website ( for recent media releases, and for information on enterprise bargaining. It will be an interesting year ahead for all of us.