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Mrs Whitlam

Author: Bruce Pascoe

Publisher: Magabala Books

Marnie Clark of Curdie Vale can ride but she doesn’t have a horse. She dreams of owning one and having the whole world to ride it in. Before too long Marnie is gifted Mrs Margaret ‘Maggie’ Whitlam, a beautiful, big Clydesdale – bold, fearless, and able to jump anything. From the very first ride, Marnie and Maggie get more adventure than they bargained for. Soon Marnie is learning to negotiate newfound friendships, pony club and how to stand up for what she believes in. Will her friendship with George Costa, another outsider, make being accepted harder? Or will being true to yourself be the hardest decision Marnie makes?

Cars We Used to Drive, Australians on the Move, 1940s to 1960s

Author: Don Loffler

Publisher: Wakefield Press

In Cars We Used To Drive, Don Loffler, well-known Holden author, reveals his lifelong interest in all makes of cars on Australian roads in the years 1946 to 1966.

Loffler has assembled a remarkable collection of 280 colour slides and black-and-white photographs of owners and their cars, from Austin to Zeta. Makes like Morris, Vanguard, Wolseley, Oldsmobile and Hudson, which have long since disappeared from the new car scene, were once household names, with owners making sure their favoured make was included in a photograph of a beautiful Australian scene.

Older readers can be assured of a great nostalgia trip into times they remember, while younger people will gain an insight into what it was like living in those times.

What Zola Did on Thursday

Author: Melina Marchetta

Illustrator: Deb Hudson

Publisher: Penguin

From the author of Looking for Alibrandi comes this gorgeous series to engage and entertain newly independent young readers.

A wonderful children’s series celebrating community, sustainability, diversity and family from the bestselling author of Looking for Alibrandi. Fun, heartwarming stories full of mischief, humour and feeling, sure to charm and engage newly independent young readers.

Zola loves living on Boomerang Street with her mum and her nonna. Every day of the week is an adventure. But Zola has a problem. No matter how much she tries, she can't keep out of trouble. Like on Thursday, when she and the gang form a band and upset their cranky neighbour, Mr Walton.