Congratulations – and keep going

Congratulations to you all. Congratulations for finally making it to the end of another school year. Always remember that your role within your workplace is an essential part of the Catholic education system.

As we near the end of another year, be assured the IEU team is still negotiating to improve workplace agreements and working conditions. There have been pay offers that neither address the rising cost of living nor all areas of the claim.

I have been heartened by the continuing commitment of members to the campaign through school-based gatherings, wearing yellow t-shirts, waving paddles and putting up posters on school gates.

This high visibility is important to maintaining the rage – it is a constant reminder to employers of the people who do the work in their schools but who are not being reimbursed appropriately.

It is frustrating that employers keep hiding behind each other, not willing to be the light for their staff.

I encourage you to take time to reset and enjoy some positive self-care. If you are leaving the system for retirement, or a career change, or for family, thank you. If you are chasing a new school, a new role, more hours, don’t forget to call the IEU’s Membership Team and update your details.

As always, thank you for your support and encouragement of fellow members. We are stronger together.