Hark, the herald Angel(a) sings

The year is coming to an end, finally. Our workplaces are a flurry of activities: evaluating programs; finalising student reports; facilitating parent/teacher interviews; organising awards ceremonies and completing compliance training.

The industrial landscape shapes our work and how society perceives teachers and support staff.

The ‘holidays’ are hard-earned; we need a time to disengage mentally and allow our minds and hearts to recharge for the next year.

It is timely then that our voices are being acknowledged and heard. I particularly refer to the headway our union made with the Federal Governments’ Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill, as a way of strengthening the industrial might and right of employees in the independent school sector.

Support staff, teachers and principals in this sector should be able to exercise the right to take protected industrial action legally. It is decent, just and needed!

I cannot improve on IEU Vice President ACT Angela McDonald’s address (just brilliant!) to Senator David Pocock, encouraging his support of the Bill, by finding that common ground – empathic understanding.

The union voice (and roses) worked (click here).

We anticipate that 2023 can bring changes conducive to our working conditions and pay. Let’s at least end the year with this hope.

May you all have a safe and restful break.