Supervised a prac student?

Don’t forget to claim the allowance

The IEU and NSW Teachers Federation recently signed a new memorandum of understanding with 16 universities in NSW to provide teachers with a daily rate of $34.68 for supervision and $1.73 for coordination of university students undertaking professional experience (PE) in a school.

IEU Secretary Mark Northam said it was important teachers remembered to claim their allowance, negotiated on their behalf by the union.

“This money does not come out of the pockets of universities, it’s funded by the Federal Government to try and provide the best possible professional experience for students, and to encourage teachers and schools to participate in the program,” Northam said.

The memorandum acknowledges the importance of a well-structured and supported professional experience program for the development of teaching students.

“A high-quality PE program is dependent on the professional commitment and collaboration efforts of both teachers in schools and the initial teacher provider,” it said.

“High-quality PE is dependent on voluntary engagement by teachers, and it is important in the development of future teachers.”

Sign up a student

Student teachers can join the IEU for free, and when they become employed, they receive a 25 percent discount off their membership in their first year. Through their membership, they can access all union support, and PD. They can join through the IEU’s website:

Universities signatories include: University of Technology Sydney, University of Newcastle, Southern Cross University, Alphacrucis University College, Australian College of Physical Education, Western Sydney University, The University of Notre Dame, Charles Sturt University, University of NSW, University of Wollongong, University of Sydney, Avondale University, Excelsia College, University of New England, Macquarie University and Australian Catholic University.