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Painting the Light

(signed by the author)

Author: Ned Manning (IEU member)

Publisher: Broadcast

Painting the Light is a historical Australian novel and a touching and realistic love story set before, during and after WW2. It traces the journey of two young Australians whose experience of the war leads them to rejecting their conservative upbringing and embracing the aims of a fair deal for everyone.

Nell Hope’s dreams of becoming an artist are dashed when Hitler invades Poland. Her grazier father orders her home from Paris, and so she swaps her paint brush for riding boots.

Nicked Names

Author: Andrew Geoffrey Kwabena Moss (IEU member)

Publisher: Rosey Ravelston

High school student Norman ‘Zebra’ Smith, half British and half Ghanaian, lives at the crossroads of race and identification. In response to racial slurs from other students, Norman embraces hybridity and forms a Rainbow Alliance with other ethnic minority students against black and white judgements.

Inspired to act by a colourful combination of Hip Hop, Shakespeare, his teacher Mr Neal and the US Civil Rights movement, Norman and his allies use the unlikely arena of a high school auditorium to expose the racist bully Goodwin and his henchmen.

Choosing to own their ‘nicked names’, Norman and his friends take centre stage, silencing their opponents and proving the power of words to unite us all.

Freddy the Not-Teddy

Author: Kristin Schroeder

Illustrator: Hilary Jean Tapper

Publisher: EK Books

Freddy is certainly not a teddy, but that won’t stop him from being the star of the teddy bears’ picnic in this inspiring story about inclusion, friendship and staying true to yourself.

Find out what happens when Jonah stands up for himself and for his beloved Freddy in a heart-warming story that will resonate with any child who has ever felt like they’re a little different. A celebration of inclusivity and being kind to others, Freddy the Not-Teddy will inspire young readers to express themselves just as they are!