Share the dignity

What is period poverty? Many women do not have access to sanitary products. They could be fleeing domestic violence, forced into homelessness or just doing it tough.

Share the Dignity is a women’s charity that works to make a real difference in the lives of these women.

It distributes period products to women, girls, and anyone who menstruates who needs support.

When someone is doing it tough, the last thing on their mind should be dealing with their period.

The charity assists those in need by collecting hundreds of thousands of period products each year through collection drives and campaigns. These products are then distributed directly to charities throughout Australia.

Share the Dignity also works on advocacy to end period poverty in Australia. It is campaigning to ensure all public hospitals offer free sanitary items to those who need them through #PadUpPublicHealth.

To ensure those who are most vulnerable have access to pads and tampons, the charity installs Dignity vending machines in public toilets, charities, homeless hubs, domestic violence refuges, community centres, hospitals and schools in low socio-economic areas around Australia.

It is also working on ending the shame and stigma around periods through its Period Pride campaign.

We menstruate: Get over it

Share the Dignity is on a mission to end the shame and stigma that surrounds periods.

If people can’t comfortably talk about periods, period poverty will persist. The charity says we need to understand the shame some girls and women experience and how it can impact their lives.

Share the Dignity wants school and community groups to break this stigma through creativity to drive discovery and learning, awareness, and empathy. We can all be part of the solution.

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