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Three-month exemption from union fees for casuals and support staff affected by lockdown

As IEU members in NSW and the ACT navigate their way through another lockdown, the IEU is offering some casual teachers and support staff a three-month exemption from union fees due to COVID-19.

This is in recognition of the impact the current lockdown is likely to have on casual employment. The exemption is available to financial members as follows:

  • members who have suffered a financial detriment as their place of work is not presently employing casuals, or who are prevented by lockdown from travelling to their regular place(s) of employment.
  • new members must become financial to qualify to apply for the exemption.
  • the cut-off date to apply for exemption will be 17 September 2021 (last day of Term 3).

If you wish to take up this offer, please email, include your full name, membership number, address and phone number.

If you have already paid your 2021 membership fees, a three-month credit will be issued to be used against 2022. Please know this credit amount will remain on your record until used and no refunds will be issued on credit amounts. The IEU will adjust your fees to the correct membership category at the conclusion of the exemption period, unless you advise in writing to, two weeks in advance of any amendments/extensions.

Survey gift draw

This year the membership department has reinstated our new member survey. The quick survey – it takes less than five minutes – is designed to keep us informed about how and why members come to join the IEU. The aim is to assist us in best directing our resources and efforts into recruiting members into our union.

About 40 percent of our new members take the survey. All participants go in the draw to win a $100 gift card sponsored by Teachers Mutual Bank (TMB).

To date, and in order, the top three reasons given by survey participants for joining the union are:

  • advice and assistance in my workplace
  • improving pay and working conditions
  • a strong, collective professional voice.

Among the respondents, our new support staff members rank ‘improving pay and working conditions’ as their first reason.

The top response to the question ‘How did you hear about the IEU?’ highlights the importance of our reps:

  • The rep at my workplace told me about the IEU (140 responses).

The next highest response demonstrates that we have a collective responsibility to recruit to increase the influence of our union and that we should not leave all the work to our Reps:

  • Another worker told me about the IEU (127 responses).

Thanks to all our Reps and members who work to keep the union strong.

Our very best wishes to all our members during this difficult time. Thank you for your support and stay safe.

Membership Team: Jody Clifford and Syeda Sultana 8202 8900 (press 1)