Settlement close in independent schools

The union has continued to negotiate with the Association of Independent Schools (AIS), as the representative of NSW and ACT independent schools to finalise the Multi-Enterprise Agreements (MEAs) applying to teachers and support staff in independent schools.

Progress has been delayed by the continuing impact of COVID, but the union is committed to finalise discussions as soon as possible.

AIS pay offer for 2022, 2023, 2024

As previously indicated, AIS representatives have increased the pay offer since the very low offer made in early June. The AIS has offered the following increases, “inclusive of superannuation”:

AIS Offer
February 2022
February 20232.5%
February 20242.75%

Negotiations are continuing about this offer and the actual pay rise these increases would represent.

The union is disappointed with this pay offer, but we would like to see a resolution of the bargaining without undue delay.

We have also made clear to the AIS that we will advise members that all staff should receive an actual increase of at least 2% in 2022, in addition to the increase in 2021, even if this is not included in the MEA. We will advise Chapters to discuss this matter with their Principal, prior to the vote on the MEA.

Matters that have been agreed will be set out below.

Proficient status

Progression on attaining Proficient status (Standards Model Teachers and Hybrid Model Teachers MEAs): Our claim that progression to the next pay band on attaining Proficient status should occur immediately rather than only occurring in February and July each year, has been agreed by the AIS.

Emergency disaster leave

The IEU claim for emergency disaster leave of two days per year has been agreed. The leave would be available if an employee was unable to attend work because of a declared natural disaster, such as bushfires, severe storms or flooding.

Notice of meetings and professional development

Clause 16.4 in the Standards Model Teachers MEA (and the corresponding clause in the Hybrid Model Teachers MEA) will be amended to provide that schools must advise teachers of the required teacher attendance dates in the preceding year before the end of Term 3.

Reasonable notice must be provided of all other meetings, PD etc, with schools being required to give the maximum possible notice of such commitments and, where practicable, include such commitments in the annual school calendar.

Promotions positions: Payment of allowance to part-time teachers

The AIS has sought to amend the Teacher MEAs to provide that payment of leadership allowances to part-time teachers holding such positions may be paid pro rata if the teacher is not carrying out the full leadership role. This matter is close to agreement.

Voting timeline

The union understands the AIS is hoping to finalise the enterprise agreements for voting by employees prior to the end of this term or early next term.

Contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact your IEU Organiser for further information or if you would like your Organiser to attend a Chapter meeting by Zoom on the MEAs or any other issue.