Letter to the editor

Dear IEU

Thank you for your assistance for the past few weeks regarding my redundancy. I appreciate all your hard work and effort to ensure that justice has been met and that we achieved the best possible outcome.

Kind regards

A Member

21 July 2020


This member had been working diligently at a large Sydney metropolitan school for 17 years when her employer informed her that she was to resign. There was little evidence and no apparent basis for this request. The experienced support staff member was extremely distressed by the employer’s unexpected demand and subsequent accusations regarding her “performance and work ethic”.

It appeared that the employer’s tactic was to create a vacancy that could then be filled by another. The union was able to represent and support the member throughout this distressing time, successfully securing important paperwork and payments that had been previously withheld.

The member received a certificate of service and documentation that restored some justice and dignity to her end of service at the school, as well as a 20 weeks redundancy payment and additional payment in lieu of notice of termination.

Needless to say, the member was extremely grateful to her union and the IEU officers who helped her achieve such a significant outcome.

Dear IEU,

I hope you are all doing well. I attended the IEU’s online professional development session “Responding to Extreme Behaviours” on Wednesday and it was excellent, with clear information shared generously. It was well-coordinated with chat facilities monitored throughout. There is also another one this Monday that I am looking forward to attending.

Wishing you blessings and fun,

Patricia Rose

St Therese Primary School

West Wollongong