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Important and diverse issues have engaged our members on Facebook this month

On wearing masks

Kathryn: I feel it would be a great idea for kids to wear masks as even though their hand hygiene has greatly improved, they are still putting their fingers in their nose then their mouth. If a mask is there and they automatically go to have a pick, the mask is blocking the way. It just might stop them.

Lo: As a teacher I have watched this train wreck come full circle. Schools are safe … oh wait, not anymore. Do not wear masks … oh wait, yes do wear them. Clear guidance, PPE in the classroom and masks. That would be great. As a secondary teacher in one of the biggest schools in Sydney, I believe the government needs to give exceptionally clear protocols. Cut back to core business – educating the kids. Ensure all schools (private, systemic and state) have proper sanitiser stations in the classroom. These guidelines need to be mandated, not suggested.

Yvette: Mask wearing should not be a recommendation, it should be a directive!

Mark: About time senior students are recognised as just as at risk as the adults in the school community. In many cases they are much more socially mobile in the community. From day one of this pandemic we were told that schools were not a risk and that kids were not an issue, with the politicians conveniently ignoring the role of our older students in the wider community. They also seemed to subscribe to the magic bubble theory that social distancing is not required in schools, but outside the school gates it was essential. Finally, the Chief Medical Officer has acknowledged the issue of senior students in schools. We need to be safe and protected in our workplace and at present this is simply not the case.

Therese: Protecting teachers means recommending that students (and staff) wear masks. Teachers are still substantially at risk if they are the only one in the room wearing a mask.

Trisha: State, Catholic and independent schools should supply face masks for staff as part of good COVID-safe and OHS practice.

On Catholic systemic pay increases

Lynda: Great outcome for all!

Eloise: I was doing my happy dance! Great effort from the union!

Sara-Jane: This is fantastic news but I hope you keep fighting for the Student Support Officers and their pay rise, I know they have received this particular rise but they should be receiving the same as those in Department of Education schools. Don’t forget about their work!

Lynda: I like this a lot!

On the paid pandemic leave campaign

Mary: What would happen if all of our hospital staff thought in this vacuum? They’re heroes, how do we protect them from workplace transmissions and have community health functioning?

Angus Hoy