Forget COVID-19 – get fighting fit

Let’s face it, the news is full of information and details of what’s going on in the world in relation to COVID-19. Let's also face that there are challenges and worries with us now and ahead of us. And let’s also face that lockdowns, limited social lives and COVID testing will be part of our world for some time.

But have you looked in the mirror lately? I bet you don’t look as good as you did before COVID-19 came along. With the onset of computer-based education, working from home, not going out, gyms closed, no games and limited activities, we are all putting on a few kilos.

There is no reason we can't use some of the extra time we now have to work on our fitness. After all, our fitness is directly linked to our wellbeing, and this is taking a beating through home schooling, work intensification and “all the other stuff our schools throw at us” (to quote a colleague).

Here are a few ideas that don’t require either a gym or equipment but will help you feel fitter and make life more satisfying. Use a range of weight bearing exercises to improve flexibility and strength. Push-ups, cross climbers, bicycle crunches, toe touching, and sit-ups all assist in tightening up those loose bits and improving flexibility. These exercises also help when you’ve been sitting at a computer all day.

Others might enjoy running, light jogging and walking, which are great for that outdoors experience.

My wife and I have taken to doing a solid bush walk each fortnight. We take a thermos and a sandwich, and there are no crowds, no social distancing, just the bush and the air – heaven.

Of course we are focused on the COVID situation, as we need to keep safe. But put it aside for 20 minutes a day and you’ll look and feel better, your brain will get a rest and your wellbeing will improve out of sight.

Off you go, what are you waiting for?

Bruce Paine
Vice President Non Systemic