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Landmark partnership brings STEM to life in classrooms

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) will be brought to life in primary schools across the nation through a landmark partnership between the peak employer group for the resources and energy industry and the market leader of Australian children’s publishing.

Australian Resources and Energy Group AMMA will join forces with Scholastic to connect educators and students with STEM fields and the diverse and rewarding careers offered within the sector.

“Around International Women’s Day, AMMA is incredibly excited to announce our new partnership with Scholastic, the unrivalled leader of Australian children’s publishing,” Tara Diamond, AMMA Director Operations, said.

“We can think of no better way to engage students, particularly girls, with STEM industry concepts and change the often outdated image of the industry through resources and books. We aim to tell stories about the industry and connect STEM subjects to real world activities and jobs.

“As a renowned provider of education materials in classrooms all over the country and with an iconic book club and book fairs, Scholastic is an exceptional platform to provide young children and educators with important STEM and industry related content and inspiration.

“This initiative will do wonders in promoting and raising awareness, to both girls and boys, about the range of STEM based careers within Australia’s incredibly diverse resources and energy industry.”

The partnership between AMMA and Scholastic will see teacher resources and early reader books distributed in hard copy and digital form, accompanied with reading discussion notes and lesson plans for teachers.

Female role models and characters will feature in the resources and energy industry stories, ensuring students can make a memorable connection between STEM subjects and how they relate to career opportunities.

“AMMA is proud to lead the way with a number of campaigns and projects, led by the Bright Future STEM Primary School Program, to promote STEM and the resources sector to school-aged children,”Ms Diamond said.

“Our national primary school program is specifically engaging 9-12 year old girls and boys on STEM futures, given this is the critical age where perceptions are formed and choices are made.

“As we continue to expand the Bright Future STEM Primary School program, the partnership with Scholastic will take the engagement and awareness of STEM in our industry to the next level.”

Information made available by Australian Resources and Energy Group AMMA