Hold meetings, discuss the issues

As we find ourselves well into the swing of Term 1, the holidays are a light on the horizon. The demands and workload expectations have not lessened in the new year – and this is still a focus for the union and its members.

Enterprise agreement discussions are continuing, with some agreement and improvements on some items. With this agreement, we expect employers will match conditions in the Department of Education in several areas.

This campaign is ongoing and will be strengthened when chapters hold meetings, discuss the motion and pass it, then pass on the result to your employer and the union. Substantial support from our membership base is a strong message that we are concerned about our working conditions and improvements are always possible.

I encourage chapters to hold meetings, discuss local issues, and invite your IEU organiser for deeper discussions and information (in line with COVID-19 safe practices, this may be done online – contact your organiser and keep updated by regularly checking the union website).

A gentle reminder that Council nominations and elections will be held this year. If you are interested in finding out more and becoming more active in the union please consider nominating.

Best wishes for you and your families as we begin the Easter season.

Bernadette Baker
Vice President Systemic